Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement for the Mindfulness-based Therapy Training Institute®

At the Mindfulness-based Therapy Training Institute®, we are deeply committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion by creating  an inclusive and welcoming environment for all individuals seeking continuing education in the field of mental health. Our mission is to ensure that our programs are accessible, equitable, and reflective of the rich diversity that exists within our global community. We recognize that diversity encompasses a wide range of identities and experiences, including but not limited to culture, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and neurodiversity. Most importantly, we understand and are committed to the ongoing process of learning, growing, and improving. 

A diverse and multi-ethnic group of adults are attending a mental health support group. A Caucasian woman is telling the rest of the group about her problems.

Commitment to Diversity:

We celebrate and honor the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our students, faculty, and staff. Our curriculum is designed to include culturally responsive practices and to address the unique needs of various cultural and racial groups. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and supported.

Commitment to Equity:

We are dedicated to removing barriers to education and ensuring that all individuals have equal access to our programs. This includes providing financial assistance and scholarships to underrepresented and marginalized communities. We actively work to identify and dismantle systemic inequities within our institution and the broader field of mental health.

Commitment to Inclusion:

The Mindfulness-based Therapy Training Institute® (MBTTI) is dedicated to establishing an inclusive and nurturing atmosphere that fosters a sense of belonging for individuals of all races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, physical and mental abilities, religious affiliations, and socioeconomic statuses.

We are committed to creating a space where individuals from the LGBTQ+ community, neurodivergent populations, and those with disabilities feel seen and supported. Our programs include tailored content and resources to address the specific needs of these communities. We offer accommodations to ensure that all participants can fully engage in our courses, workshops, and events.

BIPOC therapists

Support for BIPOC Populations:

In light of the events of 2020 that exposed and increased awareness of the existence of systematic racism, white supremacist culture, and oppression in the United States, our local communities, institutions, and organizations, we recognize that taking preventative steps and ongoing efforts to learn and improve through continuing education are necessary. We strive to ensure that BIPOC community therapists receive support throughout the MBTTI process. 

Support for Neurodivergent Populations:

We recognize the unique strengths and challenges faced by neurodivergent individuals. Our training programs are designed to be flexible and adaptive, providing various modes of learning and engagement to meet diverse cognitive and sensory needs. We aim to create an environment where neurodivergent individuals can thrive and contribute meaningfully.

Support for the LGBTQ+ Community:

We are committed to affirming the identities and experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals. Our programs incorporate inclusive language, practices, and policies to ensure that LGBTQ+ participants feel safe and respected. We also provide specialized training on LGBTQ+ mental health issues to better equip mental health professionals in supporting this community.

Support for Individuals with Disabilities:

Accessibility is a core value of our institute. We are dedicated to providing accessible facilities, materials, and technology to accommodate individuals with disabilities. We continuously seek feedback and make improvements to ensure that our offerings are inclusive and accessible to all.

By fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, the Mindfulness-based Therapy Training Institute® aims to enrich the learning experience for all participants and to contribute to a more just and equitable mental health field. We welcome and value the contributions of every individual and are committed to ongoing reflection and action to uphold these principles.

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