Mindfulness-based Play Therapy®

"Mindfulness is playful adventuring in life itself."

-Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mindfulness-based Play Therapy® courses are steeped in the research that supports both the efficacy of play therapy and the literature that shows mindfulness-based practices have a positive effect on mental health outcomes.

Play is the natural way children explore their inner and outer worlds. Play Therapy is a systematic approach to supporting children utilizing their natural language of play.

Mindfulness-based practices support clinicians in establishing and maintaining the essential therapeutic alliance, ensuring the quality of your therapeutic presence with clients, and facilitating clients' awareness of sensing, feeling, and thinking while gently introducing means for regulating emotions. 

Come and learn how to infuse mindfulness-based practices into your therapeutic work with children and families while also contributing to your own well-being.

As a mental health professional providing play therapy services, there is the risk of burnout and compassion fatigue. Adopting mindfulness-based practices for yourself mitigates your risk of burnout while enhancing your clients' play therapy experiences at the same time.

Mindfulness-based Play Therapy® (MBPT) is a neurobiologically informed, research supported transtheoretical approach to providing play therapy for children and families.

This approach is designed to provide a combination of child-centered and facilitative play-based therapeutic experiences for child clients and their families rooted in the science of mindfulness-based practices.

MBPT includes practices backed by peer-reviewed research that support children experiencing grief and loss, anxiety disorders, trauma, adjustment challenges, and children who identify as neurodivergent including autistics and adhders.

These courses address the use of mindfulness-based practices within the application of a broad selection of seminal and historical play therapy theories, including child-centered play therapy, Jungian play therapy, cognitive behavioral play therapy, developmental and attachment-based play therapy, ecosystemic play therapy, Gestalt play therapy, Adlerian play therapy and more.

The program provides training in the history of play therapy; seminal theories; skills and methods; treatment planning, documentation, and record-keeping; and competency topics, including cultural humility and awareness.

Benefits of Mindfulness-based Play Therapy® training:

  • Research-informed, practical training that you can use right away for your own self-care, along with the play therapy services you are providing for clients of all ages.
  • An in-depth understanding of what the research says about mindfulness-based practices, play therapy, and mental health outcomes for clients in therapy.
  • A warm and welcoming community of instructors and therapists who commonly desire to provide excellent services for play therapy clients while also attending to the essential element of personal well-being for the therapist providing services.
  • Ongoing live online mindfulness-practice guided events.
  • Robust but easily digestible training content .
  • A rich treasure box full of mindfulness-based play therapy skills, tools, and interventions to support the growth and healing of child clients and their families for years to come.
  • Experience a sustained level of motivation, focus and energy in your work. You will be able to arrive at work feeling refreshed and ready, and end your days feeling deeply satisfied.

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