Mindfulness-based Therapy™ for Adults

“How we pay attention to the present moment largely determines the character of our experience, and therefore, the quality of our lives.”

-Sam Harris

Mindfulness-based Therapy™ for Adults courses are steeped in the research that supports the use of mindfulness-based practices for positive mental health outcomes.

Research studies have shown the quality of the client–therapist alliance is a reliable predictor of positive and effective psychotherapy no matter what theoretical orientation is used. Studies show that when the therapist utilizes mindfulness, the therapeutic alliance is enhanced. When therapists are able to practice mindfulness themselves, they are able to introduce mindfulness-based practices most effectively to clients to help clients experience improved mental health outcomes. 

Come and learn how to infuse mindfulness-based practices into your therapeutic work with adult clients of all developmental stages (early adulthood, thirty-somethings, midlife adults and late life adults) while also contributing to your own well-being.

As a mental health professional providing therapy services, there is the risk of burnout and compassion fatigue. Adopting mindfulness-based practices for yourself mitigates your risk of burnout while enhancing your clients' therapy experiences at the same time.

Mindfulness-based Therapy™ for Adults is a neurobiologically informed, research supported transtheoretical approach to providing psychotherapy for young adults, adults in their thirties, midlife adults, and adults in late life.

This approach is designed to provide a combination of client-centered and facilitative  therapeutic experiences for adult clients rooted in the science of mindfulness-based practices.

Mindfulness-based Therapy™ for Adults provides practices backed by peer-reviewed research that support adults who come to therapy due to grief and loss, anxiety disorders, trauma, depression, and adjustment challenges. 

These courses teach the use of mindfulness-based practices within the application of a broad range of therapy theories, integrating and prescriptively designing treatment plans based on the individual and developmental needs of each client.

Benefits of Mindfulness-based Therapy™ for Adults:

  • Research-informed, practical training that you can use right away for your own self-care, along with the psychotherapy services you are providing for adult clients of all ages.
  • An in-depth understanding of what the research says about mindfulness-based practices and mental health outcomes for clients in therapy.
  • A warm and welcoming community of instructors and therapists who commonly desire to provide excellent services for psychotherapy clients while also attending to the essential element of personal well-being for the therapist providing services.
  • Ongoing live online community mindfulness-practice guided events for you and your fellow mental health professionals monthly.
  • Robust but easily digestible training content .
  • A rich treasure box full of mindfulness-based psychotherapy skills, tools, and interventions to support the growth and healing of adult clients.
  • Experience a sustained level of motivation, focus and energy in your work. You will be able to arrive at work feeling refreshed and ready, and end your days feeling deeply satisfied.

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