Mindfulness-based Therapy™ for Relationships

“When you have a mindful relationship with your partner, you are intentional about all your choices and actions within it. You become more responsive to each other and less reactive . . . You evolve to a higher level of interaction with one another, one in which your focus is not so much on yourselves but more on the health, happiness, and intimacy of the relationship.”
― S.J. Scott,

Mindfulness-based Therapy™ for Relationships training weaves together what the research says about effective relationship therapy and the literature that supports using mindfulness.

Mindfulness-based therapies have been reported to improve mental and physical health and well-being for decades. Recently, mindfulness-based training was used with couples in multiple studies and the results showed improvements in psychosocial and psychobiological symptoms. It is believed that mindfulness-based therapies for couples may improve relationship quality as well as reduce stress symptoms and improve mental health for individuals in the relationship (Beigh Zali, 2020; Winder et al., 2021).

Mindfulness-based Therapy™ for Relationships not only supports effective psychotherapy with couples but when the clinician practices mindfulness, therapeutic alliance is enhanced and the risk of professional burnout may be mitigated.


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Winter, F., Steffan, A., Warth, M., Ditzen, B., & Aguilar‐Raab, C. (2021). Mindfulness‐based couple interventions: a systematic literature review. Family process60(3), 694-711.

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