The Mindfulness-based Therapy Training Institute ® will provide you with thorough, accessible, and practical training for your work as a therapist and will lead you to a deeper connection to your essential self, provide a sustainable source of self-care, and a greater sense of equanimity in your personal and professional life.

The Mindfulness-based Therapy Training Institute®, LLC is a subsidiary company of Wonders Counseling Services, LLC. In 1999 when Founder Lynn Louise Wonders first began her Masters degree in psychology and professional counseling after teaching mindfulness-based classes for adults the prior six years she had a vision of combining her passion for the practices of mindfulness with her career as a psychotherapist. This passion continued to develop over the 20+ years as Lynn began blending  mindfulness-based practices with her play therapy and adult and family therapy services with clients. Over the past 10 years there have been empirical research studies involving brain imaging that have helped the world to catch on to the powerful effects of mindfulness-based practices for stress management and mental health. Lynn's work as a continuing education provider for mental health professionals since 2010 has laid a foundation for the creation of this institute. She invited a number of brilliant colleagues to participate on the faculty.  All faculty members share the passion for mindfulness-based practices that influence their own clinical work with clients and their expertise which they also share as continuing education instructors. 

The term mindfulness has become so widely used in recent times that the true meaning of what it is and how to practice has often been lost and misconstrued. We strive to clarify and provide support on the mental health professional's journey of discovery as to what it truly means to increase present-moment awareness while seeking to maintain and observe a regulated nervous system experience.  

The Mindfulness-based Therapy Training Institute® is growing and evolving on an ongoing basis. New additional courses, resources, and opportunities for community connection will continue to develop.

Our Mission Statement

The Mindfulness-based Therapy Training Institute ® provides research-based, neurobiologically informed, transtheoretical, professional continuing education training to licensed mental health professionals featuring methods to readily apply specific principles and practices of mindfulness to the work of therapy with clients of all ages.

How Does the Mindfulness-based Therapy Training Institute ® stand out?


Mental health professionals are experiencing burnout in record numbers.

The Mindfulness-based Therapy Training Institute ® was born out of our founder's 23 years of observing the high risk of burnout and compassion fatigue in the field of psychotherapy. It is very rare to find a continuing education training program that accounts for the mental health and well-being of the therapist. Here, you will not only learn fascinating and easily accessible knowledge about interpersonal neurobiology as a basis for cultivating a meaningful therapeutic alliance with clients, but you will simultaneously learn how to practice mindfulness in daily life so that your outlook will remain fresh, your energy stores replenished, and your sense of well-being securely grounded during and outside of your work with clients. 


Some continuing education models and programs require a large investment of time and money and some are complex and hierarchical. 

The Mindfulness-based Therapy Institute ® has designed affordable, accessible curriculum that will provide a fluid, grounded, easy-to-understand learning experience. With just the right combination of left-brain learning and right-brain experiencing, your brain will be able to absorb the content and immediately understand how to practice the skills both inside and outside of your work with clients. The curriculum is a simple, straightforward presentation of theoretical foundation, historical basis, research evidence, and practical skills presented in creatively designed experiential means. You will be able to begin utilizing what you learn in and out of your therapy sessions right away. You might take only one course or you may choose to take multiple courses. Flexibility and accessibility is key.  


It can be discouraging when clients do not seem to improve with therapy.

After 20+ years of anecdotal evidence in addition to the amble and robust evidence in research studies as to the measurable, positive effects of mindfulness-based practices for mental health challenges and stress, we are confident what you learn with The Mindfulness-based Therapy Training Institute ® will lead you to observe significant and measurable improvements to many of your client’s presenting symptoms and challenges.

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